I’m Claudia Putnam, a writer, marketing strategist, PR pro, community builder, outdoorswoman, and so much more…afflicted with paroxysms of irritation and inspiration over what I see and/or have seen go down in the business world. Lion’s Eye is where I speak my mind topics related to enterprise 2.0, gov 2.0, education reform, and other matters that excite or bug me. In college I studied International Affairs and Soviet Studies, graduating double summa cum laude, not that anyone cares about performance at that level any longer, not that I’m bitter. Later I did some graduate work in comparative religion, with a slight emphasis on Native American sacred orientations. But I own over 3,000 books and think about almost everything. I was an at-home Mom/novelist/poet/freelancer for many years and a leader in my community during that time, helping my natural food co-op purchase a building, leading a county-wide effort to change regulations related to minerals extraction, and launching a public focus school based on the Waldorf philosophy. I taught writing at the college level to engineering and business students. Then I joined the corporate effort, starting as a tech writer and moving rapidly to marcom manager, business development manager, product marketing manager, marketing director, and communications director. I worked in database software, biotech, venture capital, environmental advocacy, and for agencies that delivered communications materials and services to IBM and Microsoft. I still help out on the US Partner team at Microsoft.

Needless to say, the views on this blog are my own and do not reflect those of my employers or associates, present or past.

I’m also serious about my literary pursuits. You can find out more about those at http://claudiaputnam.com.

For more about my professional background, find me on LinkedIn.


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